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    More often called “vigilantes”, stores or malls surveillance officers have priority objective of reducing the number of stolen. But also, particularly in shopping centers, surveillance agents ensure the safety of people: deterrent above all, their presence will prevent fights and other behavioral outbursts.
    Finally, the stores of stolen are not the only acts of delinquency, the guards used to protect consumers from low-snatching and pickpocketing.

    The roles of store security officers

    First, the role of store security officers is to represent a deterrent. Indeed, their very presence aims to deter thieves or less courageous offenders from committing crimes. But as some insist, store security officer also has an active role based on observation and control.

    He observes clients to detect suspicious behavior, flight control indices, etc. In this way, it can occur at any time and once the offender caught in the act, can prevent enforcement. Store security officers therefore are real assets to preserve margins shops: less flying, less waste, therefore more profit. Moreover, compared to CCTV, human surveillance store has the advantage of not pose any legal or moral problem.

    Tailor-store surveillance strategies

    Store surveillance requires a precise study of the site before installation of a security guard. The layout of the store, radiation, presence of one or more inputs, an escalator, of several storeys, etc. All these parameters determine how monitoring of the store must be carried out. Also, a KSS specialist will accompany you to visit the site to be monitored in order to achieve a detailed study of the site. In this manner, a monitoring strategy can be implemented. This strategy is then transmitted in the form of instructions to store security officers who will intervene on your site. It is our disciplined approach that allows us to guarantee our customers a high efficiency in preventing theft.

    Alarm Intervention 

    Permanently linked to a central monitoring station, our alarm stakeholder teams consist of field officers on patrol and on call staff.

    Prevented from receiving the alarm, their mission is to go as fast as possible on the original site of the latter to perform the investigations and operations required by the pre-defined target with each customer.

    A quick and effective presence

    Speed ​​and efficiency are the hallmarks of a successful intervention requires, in addition trained agents available 24/24, the use of appropriate means of investigation and quickly accessible.

    The main tasks:

    • Check the possible presence of intruders
    • Alert the police
    • Confirm the origin of the alarm
    • Check inventory
    • Restoring security organs
    • Arrange protective measures



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