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Close protection officers

Protection agent guards the body or agents are responsible for the security of VIPs

The Protection Officer Rapprochée private security performs its function either as a team or as a function of the mission in full autonomy on his workstation. It is responsible for ensuring the protection of people in business and private travel, and this in the strictest compliance.

The Bodyguard must be able to secure and intervene if necessary to protect his client. It is a protector and a privileged interlocutor. In its tasks, the Protection Officer Rapprochée works discreetly.

Faced with the growing need for recognition demanded by all stakeholders in close protection, skills training is now more than necessary and essential since we can not be improvised Close Protection Agent overnight.

To meet these requirements the KSS was created to offer quality training enables trainees to acquire knowledge and necessary practices benefiting from a professional coaching practice.

We specialize in the field of close protection for the required professional skills for working in the security of property and people.Close security agents are carefully selected.

They have solid experience and have undergone specific training.They generally consist of former police or military and also former champions from different combat sports. They have an excellent level of defense sports or combat.

Bodyguard’s missions span multiple activities. In addition to their main mission of protection, agents can ensure safety function driver or convey documents.

They can perform different tasks, perform risk analysis and plan the appropriate protective measures. They must be able to manage the crowds and in extreme cases to provide emergency first aid.

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