Votre Partenaire de sécurité et Gardiennage

Your Security Partner and Guardian

شركة الحماية و الحراسة

Dog master

Dog handler and canine agent in the service of your safety

The canine officer and dog handler, is a security guard who works in tandem with a dog trained in combat and defense. Holding a professional card issued by the prefecture as well as security officers, the dog handler security agent intervention is empowered to intervene in all contexts where the safety of people and goods can be carried cause. Much greater deterrent than one monitoring agent, the canine officer is ideal for ensuring the night patrols.

Dog master roles and training the canine officer

The canine officer officially has the same role as traditional security agents. He supervises construction sites, warehouses and businesses or monitoring of stores, conducting patrols, intervenes in case of burglary or violence and prevents law enforcement and / or deters offenders. The main difference is that the canine officer is constantly assisted by his own dog, with whom he forms an inseparable binomial. True symbiosis between man and animal, the dog torque / dog is an incomparable force to ensure the safety of property and people.

maitre chien

Our guarantees about the police dog officers and dogs masters

agent de sécurité maitre chien

As professional certification issued to officers with police dogs follows specific training, this particular attention to qualifications and maintenance skills of our staff is your guarantee of optimal safety.
Furthermore, in order to best protect your facilities, events or business, your site is visited with the dog master and a site responsible for determining the most appropriate circuit round to reduce risks to the maximum. Finally, all our agents have cynophiles media provided by KSS and emergency contact phone numbers