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    Monitoring and Prevention through Skilled Agents

    Because monitoring and human intervention remains the best protection solution, we have set our priorities on training and reliability of our agents.

    The analysis and assessment of your risks are still the safest way to prevent hazards and limit the damage.
    That is why the KSS favors recruitment. With the selection criteria for our services, we offer teams of agents and professional performance monitoring.

    We focus on skills, rigors and their professionalisms. We scrupulously follow the regulations in force, in order to offer our customers the best services.

    We tailor our work according to your requests in order to offer you a personalized offer according to your issues.
    KSS is a team which aims to offer the best security, with its professional skills and experience.
    The KSS company is a monitoring company with the capabilities to meet your expectations in different areas of security of property and people.
    Faced with the rise of insecurity, we ensure that our staff are: Formed – Equipped – Effective, This allows him to integrate all types of missions.

    So we can offer various services related to the Private Security such as:

    • babysitting (round, surveillance, access control, home)
    • fire safety
    • the alarm interventions
    • the canine activity
    • Auditing and consulting
    • regulatory monitoring

    These activities are framed by a duty service 24h / 24 and 7/7, and controlled by a person in a vehicle marked with the name of the company.

    We are committed to preserving your brand and we are a force for prevention, deterrence and response to ensure your peace of mind.

    The KSS is a and Surveillance company based in Tunis operational 7 days on 7 and 24 hours on 24.

    Training and Staff Selection

    On the management and officers of the company have KSS essential skills and are specially trained in the framework of their missions.

    Ensuring the safety of places and people is a task that necessarily involves prevention, that is to say through training. Given the multiplicity and the accumulation of risks, as traditional as theft or fire, have added new skills such as technical surveillance facilities or the protection of property or people. Also committed staff is carefully selected, according to their moral and physical qualities and training giving it a real professional competence. Insecurity, everyone talks about it, is not inevitable.

    In KSS, the human being has always been at the heart of our concerns because our lifeblood is foremost a competent and motivated staff to address critical issues that are yours. We pay close attention to the training of security officers and focus on an integration process-oriented excellence.

    The training of security officers is thus a key aspect of our recruitment policy we select the male and female profiles for their sense of involvement, at the best available know-how we develop and constantly enrich through our experience and our sense of the requirement.

    Recruitment – Classifieds

    • The selection of our staff is particularly rigorous. The qualifications are:
    • Very good presentation.
    • Very good physical condition.
    • Good diction and writing.
    • Business and interpersonal skills.
    • Thoroughness, tact, discretion and reserve duty.
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