Votre Partenaire de sécurité et Gardiennage

Your Security Partner and Guardian

شركة الحماية و الحراسة

Guarding and Security

Our security agents at the sevives of your safety

Whether to secure an event, a project, a store or a company security officers are there to ensure the safety of goods and people.

Where the police intervenes punishment after the fact, security officers used to work upstream or to intercept criminals before / during the package either to deter criminals.

Security Officer / Watchman

Surveillance security guard – Guarding – Sûreté: The role of the safety officer is to monitor, deter and eventually apprehend in flagrante delicto. The security officer has knowledge of the rules and respect the laws in force. He struggles against all forms of shrink.

The security guard’s function is to ensure the safety of movable and immovable property as well as the people who are directly or indirectly related to the security of these assets.

His work consists mainly of home assignments and access control, round surveillance, monitoring of compliance with site safety procedures, first emergency response, alerting and guiding emergency teams , drafting of event or activity reports.These safety missions come in several businesses:

Société gardiennage Tunisie
  • Event Security guard
  • Rear body
  • Supervisor Store
  • Video monitoring agent
  • Head of security team

Qualified security personnel and experienced security personnel acting on behalf of a service provider company prevention and safety, the employer. The interventions are carried out in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to private security activities.

agent de sécurité

The roles of the security guard

Security officers may be involved in both of the companies on construction sites or in specific buildings. But they are also able to make rounds in larger spaces such as in public places, large-scale events (fairs, shows, concerts, stadiums, etc.) or directly from individuals who wish to secure their home or who require close protection.

Ask a probation officer to act on a professional site or in a public place is prevention against theft or other malicious acts such as deliberate damage or attacks:the unfortunately frequent events that can lead to losses or expenses important.

Our guarantees for the granting of a security officer

Our security agents (be they security agents responsible for monitoring police dog or agents) are required to contact us to confirm their decision and end of service.

This way we assure more control of our staff to ensure the highest safety. And if our agent can not take its service by serious private security company, we promise to replace it immediately. We also attach great importance to the training of our security officers and organize regular updates to their skills or organize simulations to ensure their responsiveness.

Finally, all our agents are monitored by a team leader, fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for their interventions and provided documents for your unique security system.

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Agent de Contrôle

Security rounds

Flexible and tailor, mobile security agents monitoring missions adapt to the real needs of our customers.Fire safety rounds, technical patrols, setting off devices and service control equipment on, patrols or even opening / closing of premises, the missions are many.

They also provide a time of personal presence.Equipped with assistance in monitoring technical means; these mobile agents can deal with all situations.

Among the qualifications for this position: to be responsible and independent.

Construction site surveillance with security guard

KSS offers worksite enforcement officers to ensure the safety of your equipment and your equipment for the duration of the construction site. Our method? We perform a site survey to secure that allows us to establish a plan of action. We establish a specification listing the material means to implement (vehicles, projectors, panel controllers, ITP, etc.) and human resources (number of site security guards, presence or absence of agents police dogs, etc.).

The first day, the regional head of our private security firm accompanies or agent (s) site security for a site visit with the foreman. This allows to transmit instructions to the agent: round circuit, frequency of patrols, strategic positioning of the agent, positioning needles for monitoring round, etc. With our methodology and our expertise, you are assured of optimum safety for your projects.